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Welcome to WEATHER 2000, the foremost meteorological consulting firm for the Energy & Commodity Trading, Insurance and Weather Risk Management Industries since 1997.

WEATHER 2000 specializes in comprehensive Medium and Long Range Weather Analysis, Prediction, and Climate Research, helping businesses reduce uncertainty, manage weather risk and maximize profits.

Historical weather reports and expert testimony for legal matters are available through Expert Weather Investigations (EWI), a subsidiary of Weather 2000, Inc.

  • Energy & Agricultural Statistical Weather Forecasting
  • Hurricane & Tropical Weather Prediction
  • Weather Forecasting for Options & Derivatives
    • Specialized Products for the CME Weather Futures & Options Markets
  • Historical Weather & Climate Data
  • Client-Defined Research and Forecast Services

  • Forensic Meteorology through EWI
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Update: Businesses utilizing Weather 2000's Site-Specific Long Range Forecasts have maximized gains and managed weather risk from our accurate monthly and seasonal predictions over the past 2 decades, including pre-season advisories on:

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