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Weather 2000 provides long-range weather forecasting and consulting services to the Agriculture, Energy, Legal, and Weather Risk Management Industries. Over the past 2 decades, Weather 2000 has conducted hundreds of Site-Specific Long Range Forecasts and research reports for our clients, providing invaluable assistance and insight, and saving them millions of dollars.

The Internet, print and television media inundate the public with "forecast" information, creating confusion. One of our main objectives is to educate the public and our clients on the hows and whys of weather, and help them decipher through legitimate versus invalid information. Weather 2000 prides itself with an active role in community endeavors and the substantiation of scientific integrity.

Due to the growing popularity of the Weather Market, many short-term forecasters have lately delved into the realm of long-range weather forecasting, outside their scope of expertise and experience. Conversely, Weather 2000 is composed exclusively of specialists in climatological sciences and long-range statistical weather prediction, who can better help you manage long-term weather risk. While others only now discuss the prospects or applications of long-range forecasting, Weather 2000 has been turned to by Industry and the Media since the very start, yielding tangible results and superior accuracy for years.

From our headquarters in New York City, Weather 2000 has access to comprehensive computer models, and has working relationships with government and academic research institutions around the world. In conjunction with these resources, our skilled meteorologists, climatologists,hydrologists, agronomists, physicists and mathematicians are enabled to customize and provide the latest weather discoveries, forecast methodologies and information to our valued clients.