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  • Heating and Cooling Degree Days - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Seasonal
    • Official National Weather Service rounding and non-rounding schemes available
  • Temperature - Maximum, Minimum, Arithmetic Mean, and Time-Weighted Mean
  • Precipitation - Quantity, Frequency, and Type
  • Hurricanes & Tropical Weather
  • Client-defined regional and site-specific forecasts
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Deviations from normal (quantitative)
  • Population-weighting
  • Filtered historical climate data and statistics
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Weather 2000 in the News

  • The Wall Street Journal [November 2016] - Weather 2000 discusses the impact of a mild Fall on the chance for a cold Winter in a Wall Street Journal article examining natural gas heating demand.
  • BNN [June 2015] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) asks Weather 2000 about talk of a "Super El Nino", and its impact on the Atlantic Hurricane season and record-breaking drought in California.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek [October 2014] - Weather 2000 shows how a dry ground can accelerate and bolster heating demand.
  • BNN [June 2014] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) discusses the Summer outlook with Weather 2000. Topics include the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season, and the impact of heat and drought on energy and agricultural commodities.
  • Insurance Journal [April 2014] - Weather 2000 advises readers of Insurance Journal to rein in expectations for immediate El Nino impacts.
  • BNN [March 2014] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) interviews Weather 2000 about the cold, harsh Winter transitioning to a hot Summer 2014, and the associated stress of heat, drought & tropical storms on the prices of natural gas, agriculture and other commodities.
  • CNN: OutFront [January 2014] - Weather 2000 speaks with CNN's Don Lemon about the heavy snowfall, high wind and bitter cold impacting much of the Eastern U.S.
  • BNN [November 2013] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) interviews Weather 2000 about the impacts of the early winter storm on travel, retail sales, and commodities like wheat, as well as the long-range winter forecast for Canada and the United States.
  • BNN [October 2013] - Canadian Business News Network (BNN) asks Weather 2000 how Tropical Storm Karen is impacting Gulf of Mexico oil and natural gas rig operations, and the Gulf Coast tourism industry.
  • Pix11 [July 2013] - Weather 2000 helps New York City prepare for an oppressive heat wave, and describes how the overgrown vegetation at the official Central Park weather station can under-report true urban temperatures. In a follow-up interview, our Chief Meteorologist discussed how contrary to earlier conventional wisdom, the heat wave would peak later in the week. The toll on the electric grids was evident when ConEd set a record for daily usage on Friday.
  • [April 2013] - Bloomberg asks Weather 2000 for his assessment for an active 2013 Hurricane Season with a potential U.S. landfall.
  • Fox News : Your World with Neil Cavuto [November 2012] - Weather 2000 forewarns Neil Cavuto of additional power outages from heavy snow on trees and powerlines as a new nor'easter bears down on a region recovering from Superstorm Sandy.
  • Bloomberg [November 2012] - Weather 2000 discusses the impact of another nor'easter so soon after Superstorm Sandy.
  • Fox News : Your World with Neil Cavuto [May 2012] - Weather 2000 discusses the upcoming Summer season and cautions viewers to expect some surprising weather ahead.
  • Fox News Radio [August 2011] - Weather 2000 helps Fox News Radio listeners navigate through both the hype and realities associated with Hurricane Irene as it approaches the East Coast.
  • WABC-TV [January 2011] - Weather 2000 explains why this winter has been so severe in New York City.
  • Bloomberg [May 2010] - Weather 2000 warns about the difficulty of predicting the Gulf oil slick's movements.
  • Barron's [September 2009] - Weather 2000 forewarns that El NiƱo generalizations will catch many off guard this winter season.
  • Wall Street Journal [June 2008] - Amid record high energy prices, Weather 2000 alerts readers of the Wall Street Journal that a hot summer is in store for the population heavy Southern and Eastern regions of the United States.
  • CNBC [July 2007] - CNBC's Fast Money references Weather 2000 about the heat and humidity impacting the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic this summer, warning that the worst is yet to come.
  • NY Post [December 2006] - Weather 2000 warns that January through March will be a rude awakening for those used to the mild weather.
  • CNN: Anderson Cooper 360° [February 2006] - Weather 2000 warns of the roller coaster ride of weather the nation will be experiencing the rest of the Winter.
  • CBS Early Show [December 2005] - Weather 2000 joins a round table of experts discussing what weather events should make headlines in 2006 across the United States.
  • Wall Street Journal [December 2005] - Readers of the Wall Street Journal are informed by Weather 2000 of the volatile winter ahead, which at times will include bitter cold and heavy snowstorms.
  • Reuters [December 2005] - Weather 2000 tells Reuters that the 2005 Hurricane season was one of many active seasons in recent years, and discusses the prospects for yet another intense hurricane season in 2006.
  • Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor [October 2005] - Weather 2000 cautions The O'Reilly Factor that more active Hurricane seasons and harsh winters will be in store for several years to come.
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