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Specific Items of Interest:

  • 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season
    • 2016 Atlantic Tropical Storm Names
    • 2016 Atlantic Tropical Season Summary
    • For the first time on record, two Category-4/5 storms have formed in the month of October.
    • Major Hurricane Matthew was the first Category-5 storm since Felix [2007], and the longest-lasting Category-4/5 October storm on record. It was also the first ever "M" Hurricane to make U.S. landfall.
    • Hurricane Alex was the first Hurricane to form in January since 1938.
  • 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season
    • 2012 Atlantic Tropical Storm Names
    • 2012 Atlantic Tropical Season Summary
    • Sandy was the 29th Hurricane since 2010, the second busiest 3-year period in history. Making landfall on October 29th, post-tropical "Superstorm Sandy" caused devastating Mid-Atlantic coastal erosion, and set all-time records for NJ state low pressure, and storm tide at The Battery.
  • 2010-2013 Atlantic Hurricane Seasons
    • 71 Named Storms
    • All-Time 4-Year Record Named Storms: 71
Superstorm Sandy, Oct 29, 2012. Source: NASA
Q: I saw someone forecast that a Hurricane was going to hit Florida in a week to ten days. Can they know for sure?
A: No. Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones are relatively small and complex systems. In fact, the average forecast track error five days out is currently around 250 miles. Further into the future, track errors grow even larger; for comparison, the distance from Corpus Christi to Port Arthur is 250 miles. This is exemplified by the miscalculated tracks of Hurricanes Ivan (2004) and Ike (2008) and especially Tropical Storm Debby (2012) - see images below. A big contributor to this forecast error is Chaos Theory, which is further examined on our FAQ Page.

Hurricane Ivan (2004) Hurricane Ike (2008) Tropical Storm Debby (2012)
Five Day Forecasts by the National Hurricane Center

Weather 2000 in the News

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  • Bloomberg News [September 2010] - Weather 2000 highlights the physics dictating Tropical Storm Matthew's pending demise in Central America, despite egregious forecaster fearmongering of a major hurricane in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico.
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  • HBO [August 2006] - Weather 2000 contributes research to and is interviewed by Spike Lee in his Documentary on HBO. Discussed are the risks to coastal communities posed by hurricanes and sea level rise, as well as future threats to the big metropolises of Washington D.C., Boston, and New York City.
  • CNN Money [May 2006] - Weather 2000 tells CNN Money that Gulf of Mexico waters are currently warmer than at this time last year, and that the US energy complex should prepare for another quick-starting Hurricane Season.
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  • Fox News: The O'Reilly Factor [October 2005] - Weather 2000 advises The O'Reilly Factor that more active Hurricane seasons as well as harsh winters will be in store for several years to come.
  • CBS Early Show [September 2005] - Weather 2000 warns residents about Hurricane Rita's potential impacts and cautions that new cycles will increase the vulnerability of homes and businesses.
  • CNN : Wolf Blitzer Reports [July 2005] - Weather 2000 talks of extreme Summer heat waves and hurricanes, and fierce Winter chill, threatening the nation this year and years to come.
  • Additional entries on the press page