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  • Email Weather Discussions

    • Forecast commentaries yield clarifying analyses & timely advisories on weather impacting markets and industry
    • Climate summaries assemble recent historical data, climate statistics and forecast verifications
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  • Temperature Forecast Tables

    • Max & Min Temperature Deviations for selected cities, Days 3-18
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  • The ENSO Report

    • Bi-Monthly research report outlining temperature and precipitation forecasts for North America and International Regions over the next several months
    • ENSO stands for El Niño / Southern Oscillation, and is one of the world's most powerful and far-reaching climate patterns
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  • Site-Specific Forecasts

    • Customized, site-specific long-range projections for a variety of weather variables, utilized for degree-day, critical day and other risk management/trading structures
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Weather is big business. It is not just an environmental issue - it is a major economic factor... One-seventh of our economy, about $1 trillion a year, is weather sensitive. - William M. Daley, U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Industries impacted by the weather

Agriculture, Commodities & Livestock

Real Estate, Construction & Landscaping

Energy Trading & Utilities

Risk Management & CME

Health & Psychology

Retail & Manufacturing

Entertainment & Dining

Sports & Outdoor Events

Insurance & Reinsurance


Legal & Forensics

Travel & Vacations

Weather 2000 Client Comments

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Weather 2000 has been the pioneering weather consulting firm in the area of Weather Risk Management, with client verified accuracy statistics over 2 decades. Additional services include Climate Research and Hurricane & Tropical Weather Prediction.

In the digital age, we have been aided by email, the internet, and mobile devices. Unfortunately, personal interactions have been neglected in the process. In addition to utilizing the latest technology, we believe meetings, conferences and presentations are essential in relating the "hows and whys" of scientific information and concepts. It would be our pleasure to meet with you at your business or in our New York City offices.